Featuring at the International Flor Y Canto Literary Festival

Flor Y CantoI’ve always heard of the Flor Y Canto literary festival. I’ve loved hearing stories of past events here in the bay area, so I’m thrilled and over the moon to finally be able to be a part of one. May 14 I’m going to be one of the featured poets in the International Flor y Canto Literary Festival! The one I’m reading at will be called Mission Malcriados, and will be at Cafe La Boheme! 6:30! This is a huge three day event so please check out the other readings as well, by going to their site:FLOR Y CANTO! but make sure to come to mine, if you’re saying to yourself ” I’ve heard your poetry Baruch, I know it well, why should I go?” I’m going to say this, “I am writing NEW poems just for this festival, so don’t miss out!” Hope to see you all there.


MAY 14

AT CAFE LA BOHEME 3318 24th Street, San Francisco CA 94110




Hi everyone. A lot of you I know have seen the last Dr. Zebrovski show. Maybe some of you saw the last one and the first one we ever did at the Garage Theatre in SoMa. Both shows were epic and tested my abilities, but I feel I did well. The incredible Dr. Zebrovski was created by Kevin Seaman, and I basically think Kevin Seaman is a genius. through the character of this Dance Psychic we’ve been able to do some amazing performances. Here is a shot from the first show we did with Maryam Rostami at The Garage. Zebrovski ThreewayHere are some shots from the second show we did with Ben McCoy, Nahid Elgadi, and Rotimi Agbabiaka at Counter Pulse. Zebrovski2013 power fistHouse ZebrovskiWith Kevin’s Creative spark and Beatrice’s direction, we put together some great shows. Now ARE YOU READY!!!? For the next Dr. Zebrovski SHOW?!?!!?/?? Well you better be, cause tonight Friday the 17th of April at the hottest new venue in town SF OASIS, we are going to bring you the SEXY, the MAGIC DANCE, the MUSIC, the MYSTERY, the HOLY FUCK WHAT AM I WATCHING?!!!?, the NO REALLY, WHY? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? the OH THIS IS A NICE COCKTAIL I’M HAVING AT THE BAR, WHILE I SEE THE SHOW, CAUSE THIS SHOW IS AT A VENUE WITH A NICE BAR, come, GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!

WHERE: Oasis – Nightclub & Cabaret 298 11th Street, San Francisco , CA 94103 boxoffice@sfoasis.com 415-795-3180

WHEN: April 17th.




JOIN ME FOR: Every Night I Burn!

Hi folks, tonight is the night, for BITCH AND TELL! A comedy Variety show at The Exit Theatre Tonight at 8pm! everynight I burn

I’m doing my new piece Every Night I Burn, It’s about a 15 year old immigrant boy who was obsessed with The Crow Soundtrack and used his nerdy artsy whiles to seduce a hot Latino Varsity Jock into an night of unholy sin, candles, darkness, 90sangsty brooding, Halloween fun and what kind of sin you ask?…..well, to find out you have to come see the show….To Buy Tickets please please, click on THIS LINK!

see you folks tonight!

Join Me for the BITCH AND TELL Comedy Festival!

Hey guys! So, Friday night, April 10th, I’m very very excited to be performing my piece WHEN I WAS A COLOR KID at the BITCH AND TELL Comedy Festival! This show is put on by FootLoose Theatre Company at The Exit Theatre, and has several amazing performers, which include Erica Sodos, Drea Lusion and the incredible Winy Winazz, learn more about the other performers by going to the event’s FB invite! I’m also hosting! bt

My piece is about a lot of things, but mostly about a young boy’s love for Rainbow Brite, and The Color Kids! If you didn’t love Rainbow Brite in the 80s I’m sorry, but you were not a cool kid. Not at all. But,  you can redeem yourself by joining me to revisit Mexico in the 1980s and the best 5th birthday party of that decade! Here are some fun photos I did for the show, check em out, and buy your tickets here folks TICKETS! If you buy tickets using this link, I get a cut of the profits! Yay! I hope to see everyone there! There are other dates, but this date April 11th, is when I’m doing just the Rainbow Brite piece, I will chat about the other day tomorrow. The show tomorrow is at 8pm, at Exit Theatre 156 Eddy Street in San Francisco near Powell Bart Station The tickets are only like 10 ish dollars, so come check me out! yay! And stuuuuuff!!

20150331_124559 20150331_124527

NEXT SHOW: Radar Reading at Top of The Mark! April 7th

Hi everyone.  I’m very much looking forward to being a part of this Radar event! Radar is San Francisco’s top Queer Literary Production company, that for years has put together incredible shows of writers from all over. Tuesday April 7th we are going to be at Top of The Mark! The show is Free! Hope to see you all there! Check out the info on all the artists and read their bios by going HERE! I’m reading with Michelle Tea, Maryam Rostami, and Emer Martin.

hugs and peace, and cupcakes to you all

top of the Mark