Doing a set at Troubled Comedy, Tomorrow! Sept 12!

Come see me do comedy if you are free, TOMORROW!

troubled memody

It has been a long times since I’ve performed at Amnesia, a LONG time, like….almost 8 years? How long ago was 2008? hahaha.

Come to this show tomorrow, it seems like it is going to be fun. Here is their flier.



My next Performance is at POETRY IN THE PARKS!


Quiet Lightning is doing it again!

This time at Poetry in the Parks!

I am truly honored to be doing the poetry thing this Saturday, September 9th, alongside these talented poets! Join myself, Faith Adiele, Jason Bayani, Hugh Behm-Steinberg, Cassandra Dallett, Christine No, Maw Shein Win, and Kim Shuck, who is the San Francisco Poet Laureate!! The reading will most likely start at 2pm. Poetry int he Parks has teamed up with QuietLightning to bring you a whole day of festivities, which start at 10am. The whole event takes place till 5pm, but if you want to catch me and the poets who have been asked to join the neighborhood heroes reading, I believe we start at 2pm. The Show is FREE!

For more info CLICK HERE! 

See me Tonight! At Perfectly Queer: Pride Poetry Palooza!

If You Live In The East Bay, Join me tonight in Oakland for this lovely show!!


I love Richard May, and the shows he puts together are great. He’s teaming up with one of the best poetry orgs in the bay area called Nomadic Press to put together this show. I’m reading alongside some of the best and brightest of queer poets! Would love to see you all there!

For more info click HERE to learn more and get the address and stuff.


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Photos from the Preview Performance of “Love in the Time of Piñatas”

Check out these photos from the preview performance of my solo show!

Hey everyone!

I’ve been super busy, with shows, and my day job, and rehearsals, so I haven’t been able to post much here, which sucks, cause I like posting on here, but anyway. The preview performance of my solo show went really well. It sold out very quickly. Then the theatre decided to add some chairs and open up a bunch of tickets, so I made an announcement that there were only a few tickets left. The extra seats we added sold out in like an hour. I was very grateful and touched that so many folks wanted to come see the show. The night of the show I was very nervous but had a ton of fun on stage. I’m very grateful to all the folks that helped me make the show happen. From the great folks at The San Francisco Arts Commission with their generous support from the Individual Theatre Artist Grant. Super thanks to Evren Odcikin my director. Super thanks to  Ericka Sokolower-Shain our stage manager, Yo Ann Martinez, my project manager,  Carrie Gocker, my incredible make up artist,  Mark McBeth, who did my promo shots, Tirumari Jothi, who designed my postcard, and Wonder Dave, who helped every step of the ay, and Fabian Echevarria for taking the pictures. 1000 thanks to the folks at Brava, Stacy and Sarah Guerra, and BiancaEstella de la Rocha, and Kolmel W Love and Kathy Anderson. Thank you for Matt Beld for lending me his ball gag, and thank you to Riss Rosado for lending me the most epic bat ever. And a very very big thank you to Kevin Seaman. Very big thank you to Pam and everyone at the Queer Cultural Center. And if I missed anyone, just throw stuff at me. Hope to see everyone at the show show. I might do it in October. Stay tuned for more info. Also, thank you to Ricardo Alvarez and Ashton Di Vito for being willing to be my shirtless donut boys.

Now Check Out these Pictures!



So, I beat Irene Tu at the Muni Haiku. I know, I’m surprised too.

I Won The Muni Haiku Battle at Muni Diaries!

Hey guys, sorry to be M.I.A., I’ve been super super busy getting ready for the solo show preview, working on a few play commissions, and helped write a grant for a possible future project.

BUT, but, but, I need to update you folks that I got to perform at the legendary Muni Diaries at The Elbo Room! My story went really well, all the other storytellers were fantastic, and at the end, I got to battle the undefeated Irene Tu (she’s won the very difficult Tourettes Without Regrets Dirty Haiku Battle like 42 times in a row undefeated) so I was very nervous, but after a fierce battle, I WON!!!!

I could not believe it, she brought it, things got mean, but in the end, I won, with love, kindness, and I prayed to all the chubby gay gods.
Here’s some pics of the night. I’m putting that cape next to my Write Club trophies, and my Literary Death Match Medal.

18033272_10154639612472309_397922885030104317_n (1)

Me wearing my crown(headband) from the last time I won, while they put on my new trophy cape!


Of course I got tacos after the show, ate them wearing my crown and my cape! 


Isn’t this an AMAZING CAPE!!!? 

See you at the next show!!

Come Watch me Defend my Muni Haiku Champion Crown against Irene Tu!


This Saturday!

Almost a year ago I marched into the Muni Diaries show, competed against Ron Vigh in the Muni Haiku battle, and WON! I took his crown and kissed his tears and became the Muni Haiku Champion!

Here is a picture of me with the crown, it’s a shitty picture, but it’s me.

Muni Haiku Champion

I mean it’s really a headband, not a crown, but it says Muni Haiku and I love it!

This Saturday, April 15th at 6 PM come to The Elbo Room to watch me defend my title against Irene Tu. WhA MUNI HAIKU AGAINTST IRENE TUo is Irene Tu, you ask? Not only is she one of the top comedians and organizers in the Bay Area, she is the fierce and powerful Dirty Haiku Champion at Tourettes Without Regrets in Oakland, when you win, you get a big giant golden cock. Do you know how many Golden Cocks she’s won? 21!!! I mean I don’ t know if that number is accurate, but it’s like more than 18 at least. She’s fearless, and takes no prisoners. So I will mostly likely lose, but I will go down fighting. Or crying. Also performing are other amazing storytellers, that are going to wow you! Come check out this amazing show and hang out at the legendary Elbo Room before they tear it down, because San Francisco.


I’ll hug you like an Eggnog Latte kissing the back of your throat, or come see this show.


Come see me in this show!

Join us at The Bindery on Friday, December 23rd for an evening with Nate Waggoner and friends! One of those friens, is ME!

Tickets are $5.00 each and can be purchased at the door. This event will take place at The Bindery (1727 Haight Street.) The show begins at 8pm. Beer and wine for sale.