Doing a set at Troubled Comedy, Tomorrow! Sept 12!

Come see me do comedy if you are free, TOMORROW!

troubled memody

It has been a long times since I’ve performed at Amnesia, a LONG time, like….almost 8 years? How long ago was 2008? hahaha.

Come to this show tomorrow, it seems like it is going to be fun. Here is their flier.



My next Performance is at POETRY IN THE PARKS!


Quiet Lightning is doing it again!

This time at Poetry in the Parks!

I am truly honored to be doing the poetry thing this Saturday, September 9th, alongside these talented poets! Join myself, Faith Adiele, Jason Bayani, Hugh Behm-Steinberg, Cassandra Dallett, Christine No, Maw Shein Win, and Kim Shuck, who is the San Francisco Poet Laureate!! The reading will most likely start at 2pm. Poetry int he Parks has teamed up with QuietLightning to bring you a whole day of festivities, which start at 10am. The whole event takes place till 5pm, but if you want to catch me and the poets who have been asked to join the neighborhood heroes reading, I believe we start at 2pm. The Show is FREE!

For more info CLICK HERE!