Come Watch me Defend my Muni Haiku Champion Crown against Irene Tu!


This Saturday!

Almost a year ago I marched into the Muni Diaries show, competed against Ron Vigh in the Muni Haiku battle, and WON! I took his crown and kissed his tears and became the Muni Haiku Champion!

Here is a picture of me with the crown, it’s a shitty picture, but it’s me.

Muni Haiku Champion

I mean it’s really a headband, not a crown, but it says Muni Haiku and I love it!

This Saturday, April 15th at 6 PM come to The Elbo Room to watch me defend my title against Irene Tu. WhA MUNI HAIKU AGAINTST IRENE TUo is Irene Tu, you ask? Not only is she one of the top comedians and organizers in the Bay Area, she is the fierce and powerful Dirty Haiku Champion at Tourettes Without Regrets in Oakland, when you win, you get a big giant golden cock. Do you know how many Golden Cocks she’s won? 21!!! I mean I don’ t know if that number is accurate, but it’s like more than 18 at least. She’s fearless, and takes no prisoners. So I will mostly likely lose, but I will go down fighting. Or crying. Also performing are other amazing storytellers, that are going to wow you! Come check out this amazing show and hang out at the legendary Elbo Room before they tear it down, because San Francisco.