“Tips on How to Get Through a Pandemic” With Tiny Baruch

New comic from Tiny Baruch!

I know a lot of you don’t know I also have an online comic I draw I was hoping to call “Small Blessings with Tiny Baruch.” but people I think are calling it Tiny Baruch and that’s it, and that is okay. I’ve been bad at sharing stuff on here, but I don’t want to give up, lol, so here goes. The pandemic has been rough, awful, tragic, devastating, its been hard finding the energy and time to draw, but whenever I draw it makes me feel better. I wrote a poem last summer titled Tips on How to Get Through a Pandemic, and decided to illustrate it using Tiny Baruch, here goes,

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Get your tickets to A MIGHTY QUEER VARIETY SHOW with NCTC!

Hi everyone!

Finally after all these years I get to do a show at NCTC! If you haven’t heard of them New Conservatory Theatre Company is one of the top gay theatre companies in San Francisco! The theme is:

Hope Is Where the Art Is.

“This holiday season is about to get Mighty Queer! Join us for a sparkling showcase of LGBTQ artists as they light up the NCTC virtual stage. Featuring fabulous drag performances, soul-stirring live music, a gravity-defying aerialist, and much more, this variety show is the queerest thing you’ll see this winter. Original Work by Azuah, Baruch Porras Hernandez, Joey The Tiger, SevanKelee Lucky 7 Boult, and SNJV. Hosted by local drag sensation Dusty Pörn

Directed and Curated by Richard A Mosqueda

Looking forward to this show, GET YOUR TICKETS now!!! A Mighty Queer Variety Show with NCTC!!!Hosted by Dusty Pörn!! With some good queer art from SevanKelee Boult! SNJV!! Joey Moore!! Azuah!! and of course MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE



“Love, Sugar, Sex, Magic” Review from Oregon ArtsWatch!

Portland Center Stage’s online reading of Baruch Porras Hernandez’ ‘Love in the Time of Piñatas’ hits a cultural and theatrical sweet spot

It was a true honor to get to do a virtual staged performance reading of my solo show “Love in the Time of Piñatas” with Portland Center Stage, directed by Richard Mosqueda, I had a BLAST doing the show, so much fun! It was challenging, cause even though it was a stage reading, my director and I are gay Mexicans so we had to be hella extra and make it a SUPER GAY MAGIC staged reading, with new material, videos, music, gogo boys, and stand up comedy. It was also challenging because we had to do big show in the time of Corona, from my bedroom. But we pulled it off, and I am so grateful for this amazing review! check it out!


Here are some fun quotes from the review:

“Portland Center Stage’s online reading of Baruch Porras Hernandez’ ‘Love in the Time of Piñatas’ hits a cultural and theatrical sweet spot”

“Wow, did I enjoy this.”

“The continual shift in narrative and tone showcases the many talents of Hernandez, who is not only an actor and writer, but also a comedian, poet, and artist. It also reflects how my own brain has functioned over the past few years, ricocheting from fear to sorrow to amusement, often within seconds of each other.”

“Love in the Time of Piñatas offers so much of what I love about theater. Even though I watched it online, the effect of Hernandez speaking directly to the camera gave the show an urgency, intimacy and, in this pandemic world, a much-needed sense of community, gathering us around to listen to a story and allowing us to live out our own feelings of joy and anxiety through it.”

THANKYOU so much to Marissa Wolf and everyone at PSC! If you got a sec, check out this review from ArtsWatch by Valarie Smith and give it a read, it’s nice and quick! LINK!

Here are some pics from the show!

If you missed the show and would still like you see it, YOU CAN! All you gotta do is buy a ticket through THIS LINK and you can see the show!

hugs! BARUCH

My Poem was picked to be Poem of the Day! By our Poet Laureate Kim Shuck!

Hi everyone, pretty excited to have my poem “Fog Song” be the POEM OF THE DAY! Make my day by reading it and sharing it with friends! Our Poet Laureate of San Francisco Kim Shuck has been curating Poem of the Day, to publish a poem everyday so we can have something good to read during the pandemic. I’m honored and grateful, yay! Here is the link below or click on the image! THANK FOR READING!


I’m in the SF Chronicle!

Be the Spark!


Me Performing, at a theatre, an actual stage at a theatre! Boy do I miss that!

I got interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle on performing virtually during this scary time. Performing via mostly zoom has been very interesting, it’s been stressful, challenging, fun, exciting! I really really miss performing in front of an audience, but this is the best we got, so far, so I’ve worked hard to make the best of it. THANK YOU so much to all the folks that have zoomed in to see me perform. I promise more fun stuff is coming, I’ve just been busy with the same thing we’ve all been busy with, pandemic depression anger fear, the wooorks! Zoom shows may stress me out leading up to them, but then it all goes away when it’s my turn to perform, and I’m very thankfull for them, hearing people tell me I’ve cheered them up, or put a smile on their face, or that my performance somehow gave them hope, is wooorth it.


Some pics of me performing via zoom throughout our quarantine.

Review: Queer immigrant story sparkles in ‘Love in the Time of Piñatas’ !!!

So, I got my first clapping man!

For a solo show I wrote, and I’m honestly over the gay moon. I never ever thought this could happen, I’ve been out of the theatre world for a while, so this is super super touching to me. I am very GRATEFUL to all the folks that helped me make this happen, Benjamin Shiu (Stage Manager), Hector Zavala (Technical Director), Grisel Torres (Lighting Designer), Nikki Meñez (Choreographer), Tanya Orellana (Scenic Consultant), Chris Sauceda (Composer/Sound Designer), The Go Go Boys! Chris Garay, and Corey Fischer!  and especially especially to Richard Mosqueda my director, who worked super hard to make this happen.

I have three more shows this weekend y’all. Get your tickets! 


Review: Queer immigrant story sparkles in ‘Love in the Time of Piñatas’

LITTOP donut




Get Your Tickets Now to Love In The Time of Piñatas! IT’S BACK!


It’s been a while, and I’ve had a wonderful journey working on this show, from the workshop preview at Brava Theatre, to the arts residency at the Ground Floor at Berkeley Rep! And now my collaboration with Epic Party Theatre, this little solo show has gone through a bunch of stuff, but now I am ready to do it again, and show y’all how much it has grown!

Get your tickets now to LOVE IN THE TIME OF PIÑATAS at ZBelow with Epic Party Theatre!

Show dates are Dec 14th, through Dec 22nd! 

Written and Performed by me! BARUCH PORRAS HERNANDEZ

directed by Richard Mosqueda! 


Here is the SUPER COOL poster!! Art by Brie Spiel! GO HERE TO CHECK OUT HER STUFF! 

Love in the time of Pinatas_FINAL11x17 Poster(2)

Come To My Solo Show “All My Friends Are Depressed!” with Tiny Baruch

All My Friends Are Depressed! With Tiny Baruch!

Hi everyone, been super busy and swamped, but I wanted to tell you all that I’m doing a show called “All My Friends Are Depressed” with Tiny Baruch in August.

I’ve been doing a comic that I post mostly on instagram called #tinybaruch, well the real name is Small Blessings with Tiny Baruch, but whatever, lol. People seem to really like it, last June for the National Queer Arts Festival they asked me to do a show about it, and it sold out. The show is part presentation, part gay TED talk, part performance, part comedy, part storytelling, all about Tiny Baruch and the process and the why and there was donuts. The audience was fed donuts, because why not? BECAUSE I LIKE DONUTS!!

Anyway, I’m doing it again August 24th at 3pm, at Potrero Stage! In San Francisco.

If you would like to get tickets before they sell out (my last two solo shows sold out) get em while you can by going here I WANT MY TINY BARUCH TICKETS!

Here is a poster for it, I made the art

bigger AMFAD 2019

Here is the original #tinybaruch art

Better Tiny Little Prince Baruch

Yes that is a Tiny Baruch meets The Little Prince, I had a deep connection to The Little Prince as a child, but so did every other creative artsy sad gay kid who is also an Aquarius,  it was the 80s, lol. Yes I read the book in French, I was a sad gay artsy gay Aquarian!

I hope to see you all at my show!!

“All My Friends Are Depressed!” With Tiny Baruch, solo show written, illustrated, and performed by Baruch Porras Hernandez. August 24th 3pm at Potrero Stage, San Francisco! Directed by Richard Mosqueda, presented by EPIC PARTY THEATRE! 

here is some pictures from my last show at Brava Cabaret!

62574113_10155960615736086_5744799808174948352_otinyBpics from the show


I went on a Poetry tour! Also we got a write up of our last show!

Hi Hi Hi!

I’ve been away, for two weeks performing poetry, it was  dream come true for me, I sold a bunch of books, and I want to tell you all more about it but, I’ve been soooo busy! In the mean time read up on our last show, it got a write up from the Long Beach Post.


“If Hernandez tells you that he doesn’t remember much of the evening, you can assure him that he kicked butt. Literally. His posterior jokes drew belly laughs from the more than 250 people who attended the Sister Spit spoken word showcase at the Icehouse on Saturday evening.”

This was our last show, and I think one of our best shows, Los Medanos College was also incredible. It was tough, a really tough show for me because early that morning at like early in the am I think, I went to the ER and had the most painful 8 hours of my life. I’m fine, I think, (if you’re super curious, I don’t know, and the lovely Kaiser doctors also said “We don’t know, what happened to you.” so no need to ask) But after the ER I was only able to lie down for an hour, shower, and then we went to the show. I was delirious, still feeling the morphine, drained, exhausted, but I told my self the show must go on, and when I thought about sitting the last show out, I thought, life is short, what if this is the last time you get to perform poetry, just go up there. And I did, and I think my set went really well. 

“As to what caused Baruch’s medical detour, he figured it had something to do with his addiction to donuts.”
LOL! I do remember saying something like that.

Click on this frowning picture of me to read the whole Article. 🙂