That time I got to be a Gay Luchador for a Day! VIVA LUCHA LIBRO!

So I got to be a Luchador for a Day, and it was FANTASTIC, or FLANTASTIC, I should say!!


If you haven’t heard of Radar Productions and live in San Francisoco, where the heck have you been and I feel sorry for you, they put on amazing, fun, rad AF literary shows and have helped keep the literary scene alive in San Francisco for years. They decided to team up with Fogliter Literary Journal to do this Luchador inspired literary contest called LUCHA LIBRO!

They had a massive submission process and I entered, then nov 1st they let me know that I was a finalist, YAAAAY. They asked me to come up with a luchador name, I wanted to name myself, Baruchador, because duh, but they said no, that it was too similar to my own name, and they wanted it kept secret that I was competing. All 5 finalists had to come up with a name. I came up with Rio de Vergas. Which means River of Dongs, or River of cocks, haha. HHAHAHAHAHAHAA. I think its funny.

So basically I just wore the outfit that I wore during my solo show, and added a luchador mask, and borrowed Wonder Dave’s Cape, I also wore these light up shoes I originally got for my solo show but they didn’t arrive on time, so I was like, why not, throw in a new lipstick I got from Sephora, and boom, Luchador. Here are some pictures from the super fun event. I didn’t win, but holy crap I had fun. And I was honorably mentioned. And I was featured in the write up for THE SF CHRONICLE!!! So grateful and glad I did it, we all got 100 bucks for being finalists and two really awesome goodie bags full of books and sex toys, made me love SF again. Yay!


I had so much fun. This has been a little gay dream of mine since I was a tiny kid in Mexico loving Santo, and Blue Demon, and then Cyndie Lauper, and then Chyna, and then that Steven Universe episode, TIGER MILLIONAIRE! and then GLOW, the show and the doc, and then always always Finn Balor‘s butt, I will always worship Finn Balor’s butt till the day I die, it is why I get up in the morning. The power in those little butt cheeks could power a city.

ALSO, holy shit holy shit the show got written up the SF Chronicle, and they used a picture of me for the main picture!! And they said some cool stuff about me, haha.

click on the image to read the article! HUUUGS

me in the chronicle



I’ve been Nominated for a Pushcart Prize! AGAIN!



So I think last year I was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by The Tusk, for my piece on Ellen Ripley and my Mother, titled Ellen Ripley and My Mother. I didn’t win, oh wells, buuuut¬†Foglifter, who published me 6 months ago in their queer literary journal, nominated my poem title “Pit” for a Pushcart Prize. Super honored. Super happy, congrats to all the nominees. This is my second time being nominated SO I HOPE I WIN, CROSS YOUR FINGERS, EVERYONE!!

If you would like to read my poem titled “Pit” you can buy the journal here.

I’ll keep you all posted on whether I win or not.

hugs to you all.

Here is a picture of me on a Train. Yay.

me on a train


Two Shows Coming up!

Come see me at Shipwreck and Muni Diaries!

see me next novSorry everyone, I’ve been really bad at letting you all know about upcoming shows. Been super busy, but, if you are free tomorrow and live in the SF Bay area, you can come see me at SHIPWRECK! Erotic Fan Fiction Competition, where every month I read porn out loud to a lovely sexy audience. NOVEMBER 2nd 7PM at the Booksmith bookstore in the Haight. Get your tickets HERE, this month’s book is The Stepford Wives.

Then on Saturday, I am going to be defending my title of reigning Muni Haiku CHAMPION! I defeated the resilient Ronn Vigh, then I defeated the all-powerful and up to that point undefeated Irene Tu,(that one really surprised me) this Muni Diaries show I will go head to head with Alexandria Love. There will also be storytelling about Muni, with some great storytellers, but enough about them, come watch me battle it out with Alexandria Love. I love her though, she’s the best. Get your tickets HERE, they go pretty fast so buy em up. NOVEMBER 4th 7PM at The Elbow Room! For more info clickittyclick¬†here

I have other shows and some good news coming up, but I will save that for later, stay tuned.