UpComing Show: Storytelling, KQED, StoryCorps, and me!


Now, I think it might be sold out folks, but I want to tell you all about this amazing show I’ve been working on with KQED, and StoryCorps to put together.  Wednesday June 25th at 8pm, here in San Francisco, it is called KQED and StoryCorps presents OutLoud! I know, the name is long, but that is because the show is very special and is a celebration of the launch of a multiyear project to record and preserve lgbt stories. So to do that, we’ve put together an LGBT Storytelling show! Hosted by me and StoryCorps founder Dave Isay. At The Chapel in the Mission. I’ve gathered some of the top storytellers in the city: Marga Gomez, Matt Leavitt, Jaime Cortez, and Morgan. We are going to be joined by the band, MAD NOISE, they are going to blow our minds! I’m incredibly grateful to KQED for giving me the chance to work with them. If you live in the San Francisco bay area, and are free Wednesday Night, I highly recommend this show. You have to rsvp on EventBrite, there might still be some seats left, it may get packed. So plan accordingly,and don’t get too mad if the show has sold out. Love you all!

Here is the info on the KQED website OutLoud!

Here is the Fbinvite

Here is the Event Brite thing, click here! to rsvp

See you all there hopefully!

love, Baruch


Sigourney Weaver, Ripley, and me.

Hey folks, I’ve been really busy with performances, work, and other tribulations, so I forgot to tell you all about this amazing show!! Uggg, I’m so sorry. But if you live in the San Francisco bay area, and you’re looking for something to do tonight, check out Ripleyweaveryayya


Scene Missing is six of the Bay’s best writers and comedians performing new work inspired by movie trailers–the literary equivalent of talking during the previews. This month: the films of SIGOURNEY WEAVER.

Those huge eyes, that tiny mouth, how can she be both childlike and horrifying, her chin has that permanent jut, her eyes bore into you, her hair is a living sun, it’s all so unsettling. Your heart is a bag of meat, you look at her, Sigourney, in her standard-issue tank and panties, no, no, you are the one who feels naked, not this woman clothed in fearsomeness, she’s possessed by god or the universe or herself and as she presses the button you hear the empty whoosh of the airlock, her hair flickers like a candle and as you’re sucked out into nothing, you catch her eyes, oh god. You’re my lucky, star, she says. My lucky, lucky, lucky star.

WHERE: The Cynic Cave at Lost Weekend Video 1034 Valencia Street, San Francisco

WHEN: Tonight! June 15th!

TIME: 8pm


I’m writing about Ripley from Aliens, OF COURSE!!!

see you there hopefully, here is the fb invite for more info.