I’m going to be at Lambda Lit Fest!

Geekdom in the Fiefdom!

I’ve been invited to be a panelist during this event titled “Geekdom in the Fiefdom!” during Lambda Lit Fest. This is my first time at Lambda Lit Fest, but not my first rodeo with Lambda Literary. In 2014 I was named a Lambda Literary Poetry Fellow, got to work with Eduardo C. Corral, and then in 2016 I was a Lambda Literary Playwriting Fellow, got to work with Robert O’Hara. On Saturday we’re going to be talking writer, nerdy, geekie, scifi stuff, so if you’re at the fest, or live in LA and want to see me, come on by!

here is more info

September 29th 11am to 12pm at the Japanese Cultural and Community CenterĀ 


Hope to see some of you there, haven’t done a literary conference in a while, hope it’s fun!