CROTCH HEAT, it’s getting hot in here

I’m guest hosting Write Club SF! So of course the title of this month’s show is CROTCH HEAT!


I’ve been a fan of this show for a long time, then I had the pleasure of writing for it and competing two or three times, I can’t remember, and it was a blast! 6 writers, go head to head, in a battle with their words! I wrote one of my funniest short stories because of this show and I feel it is a GREAT way to get people to enjoy literary talent, and challenge writers to write new shit!

Now don’t get me wrong, I have actually always loved Valentine’s day, but aaaall my friends hate it, they hate it so much, they freak the f out every year, so in honor of their deep hatred, instead of having the February show be Romance themed, I decided to make the writers explore the themes of doing the deed, going all the way, fornicatin’, sexy time, bumping uglies, gettin’ nasty, because fuck Valentines Day.

Our participating lovers: Julian Shendelman, Na’amen Tilahun, Mandy Hu, Zoe Young, Kay Nilsson and Damian Ledbetter!

3 rounds of 2 writers going head to head over a pair of opposing topics with 7 minutes each—7 MINUTES ONLY—to sway the crowd.

The bouts:



TOP vs. BOTTOM. (Because these words are neglected by drugstore love plushes.)

Audience picks the winner. Winner’s charity gets money!

At The Make Out Room 3225 22nd Street in SAN FRANCISCO!

$5-15 Pay what you can
21+ cash bar, ATM available
Doors at 7pm — Show at 8pm
Baby-Makin’ Slow Jamz by 9:30


Crotch Heat Poster 2



Join me, not just cause this is one of my dream gigs, but cause the line up is incredible, I’m so excited and humbled by the fellow performers! I used to work at Brava, love them! Some years ago KQED invited me to host and curate one of their big shows there, I got to be on the stage but I only got to host, not perform. The theatre is beautiful, and historic, dudes, Hudini performed there, Hudini! I said to myself, I am going to be in a show here some day, and BAM! Come count down with us!!

Reserve your low priced luxury seats AQUI!


Brava’s Comedy Fiesta is the best NYE comedy deal in town. Sold out 3 years in a row. Featuring an all star bill of hilarious comedians of latino descent  NYE is the night to regroup and revive with the power of laughter.

Here’s what you get: plush reserved seating in a beautiful art deco theater, gut busting hilarious stand up, a countdown dance party, free midnight champagne, party hats, complimentary snacks and door prize sponsored by Papalote salsa.

Marga Gomez (logo, HBO) will kick off the night with the set of her life before hosting. Headliner Lydia Popovich one of the fastest rising women in the national comedy scene (Punchline, Boston Comedy Festival) joins a stellar line-up: Chris Storin (Los Reyes De Comedy with Paul Rodriguez) Monica Palacios (original member Culture Clash direct from LA) Baruch Porras-Hernandez (That’s me, you love me, cause you’re on my websitebloggieblog,) and Betty Pazmino (Carnaval)

Doors and Full bar open 8pm. Show starts 9pm. THEN WE PARTY!

WHEN: December 31rst.

WHERE: Brava Theatre 2781 24th Street, San Francisco CA

FB Event: AQUI!

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I Saw The Sign

I do actually believe in signs. 11888081_10152947960331086_2946104523855106699_n

In 2013 I left MagicTheatre, a Nonprofit arts full time with benefits job in sf during our still on going job and housing crisis. Everyone was shocked but I had to give being a full time artist a try. I did. It was a lot harder than I thought and even though I was getting all the great gigs and getting paid and grants and had little side jobs at bookstores, little theatres, scavenger hunts, it was never enough to survive in this expensive city. So I decided to give up and get a full time job again, I thought, I’ll again put art on the side and get a full time job. But no one would hire me. No one. So I kept trying to be a full time artists and kept trying to get a full time job. And every month, I was barely paying my rent. After eons of applying I was about to lose everything so I got this job as a janitor to make ends meet. On my first day, I saw this sign, right next to the building where my new janitor job was, it seemed like a symbol of fitting doom. But this job helped me survive. It gave me the flexibility to keep being an artist. I was never ashamed even when my own friends looked down on me. “Didn’t you go to college?” “Janitor? Are you joking? Ew.” I’ve never been afraid of hard work. Didn’t give up. After nine months of working as a janitor, and seeing that Dead End sign, every day, I kept applying and applied for a nicer job that I did not think I was going to get, and GOT IT!.

Yesterday Friday August 28 2015 was my last day at janitor job. I hugged and thanked my soon to be former boss (cause he is lovely) and said see you around. Left the place, looked at this sign. Took a picture. Blew it a kiss and walked away.

It is never a dead end you guys. I start my new job next week.

Oh and I’m still an artist, I want to see all of you at my next show TENDER BEARS/OSOS AMOROSOS at Oasis SF Thursday the 3rd! at 10pm!! A fun night of DRAG, MUSIC, COMEDY, AND MORE!!! Buy your tickets Here


Hey guys, if you are in the city and have never seen me perform, CHECK THIS OUT!new TW

The show is called TUESDAY’S CHILD ON WEDNESDAY and it is run by my good friend Morgan and her cohost Aziz! at Midnight Cafe! 634 Cortland Ave, San Francisco, California 94110. The show will be Wednesday the 19th! Hope to see you guys there, for more info CLICK HERE!



Hi everyone. A lot of you I know have seen the last Dr. Zebrovski show. Maybe some of you saw the last one and the first one we ever did at the Garage Theatre in SoMa. Both shows were epic and tested my abilities, but I feel I did well. The incredible Dr. Zebrovski was created by Kevin Seaman, and I basically think Kevin Seaman is a genius. through the character of this Dance Psychic we’ve been able to do some amazing performances. Here is a shot from the first show we did with Maryam Rostami at The Garage. Zebrovski ThreewayHere are some shots from the second show we did with Ben McCoy, Nahid Elgadi, and Rotimi Agbabiaka at Counter Pulse. Zebrovski2013 power fistHouse ZebrovskiWith Kevin’s Creative spark and Beatrice’s direction, we put together some great shows. Now ARE YOU READY!!!? For the next Dr. Zebrovski SHOW?!?!!?/?? Well you better be, cause tonight Friday the 17th of April at the hottest new venue in town SF OASIS, we are going to bring you the SEXY, the MAGIC DANCE, the MUSIC, the MYSTERY, the HOLY FUCK WHAT AM I WATCHING?!!!?, the NO REALLY, WHY? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? the OH THIS IS A NICE COCKTAIL I’M HAVING AT THE BAR, WHILE I SEE THE SHOW, CAUSE THIS SHOW IS AT A VENUE WITH A NICE BAR, come, GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!

WHERE: Oasis – Nightclub & Cabaret 298 11th Street, San Francisco , CA 94103 415-795-3180

WHEN: April 17th.




Join Me for the BITCH AND TELL Comedy Festival!

Hey guys! So, Friday night, April 10th, I’m very very excited to be performing my piece WHEN I WAS A COLOR KID at the BITCH AND TELL Comedy Festival! This show is put on by FootLoose Theatre Company at The Exit Theatre, and has several amazing performers, which include Erica Sodos, Drea Lusion and the incredible Winy Winazz, learn more about the other performers by going to the event’s FB invite! I’m also hosting! bt

My piece is about a lot of things, but mostly about a young boy’s love for Rainbow Brite, and The Color Kids! If you didn’t love Rainbow Brite in the 80s I’m sorry, but you were not a cool kid. Not at all. But,  you can redeem yourself by joining me to revisit Mexico in the 1980s and the best 5th birthday party of that decade! Here are some fun photos I did for the show, check em out, and buy your tickets here folks TICKETS! If you buy tickets using this link, I get a cut of the profits! Yay! I hope to see everyone there! There are other dates, but this date April 11th, is when I’m doing just the Rainbow Brite piece, I will chat about the other day tomorrow. The show tomorrow is at 8pm, at Exit Theatre 156 Eddy Street in San Francisco near Powell Bart Station The tickets are only like 10 ish dollars, so come check me out! yay! And stuuuuuff!!

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SHOWS!: I”m Guest Hosting at Lyrics and Dirges Literary Series!

L and DS March, YEAH!

Hi everyone, one of my favorite Literary Series in Berkeley is Lyrics and Dirges at Pegasus Books on Shattuck Avenue! It is usually run by MK Chavez, Sharon Coleman and Tomas Moniz, but for the month of March, they’ve asked me to step in and curate and host a night! These are the writers I’ve picked:
Lucy Jane Bledsoe
Roberto F. Santiago
Ocean Capewell
Jo Roberts
Dan Lau

I’m very excited about this show, I love the series, I love Pegasus Bookstore, and I feel I’ve gathered a good group of literary folks, so here are the deets:

LYRICS AND DIRGES GUEST HOSTED BY BARUCH PORRAS HERNNDEZ!: Tomorrow Wednesday March 18th at Pegasus Bookstore 2349 Shattuck Aveneue, Berkeley Ca at 7:30pm FREE! But you should come and buy a book or donate to the writers or the bookstore, but of course it is free. Check out our FB Page HERE! Hope to see you all there.