Ellen Ripley and My MotherThe Tusk.   

How To Survive The Holidays With Parents who FatShame You. The Tusk.


Dating Tips for Lonely Gay Men – Four Poems -Drunk In A Midnight Choir. 

Assaracus – Four Poems, Sibling Rivalry Press

FoglifterQueer Literary Journal issue 1

FoglifterQueer Literary Journal issue 3

Love is the Drug and Other Poems. Red Light Lit Poetry Anthology forthcoming. 

“Love in the Time of Piñatas” Poem in Rio Grande Review. University of Texas at El Paso Press.

Aim for the Head anthology of Zombie Poetry, -Write Bloody Publishing-Read the Write up in the New York Times Aim For The Head in the New York Times.

Divining Divas pf- Lethe Press 

Flicker and Spark Queer Poetry Anthology – Four Poems, Low Brow Press

Tandem – Bicycle Comics Press

Drunk in a Midnight Choir Anthology Vol. 1 

Sparkle and Blink -Quiet Lightning Press Issue 89, Hometown Heroes.  

Sparkle and Blink -Quiet Lightning 4 Poems, Press Issue 64

Sparkle and Blink -Quiet Lightning Press Issue 38

Multiverse, anthology of Superhero Poetry,  with Write Bloody Publishing


“Manic Pixie Dream Boys” Excerpt from this play published in Emerge – 2016 Lambda Literary Fellows Anthology.

Apex of Friendzone -Santa Ana River Review.

Fugue – Collaborative interactive Theatre Experience with Detour Dance Company Directed by Eric Garcia + Kat Cole. Written in collaboration with Brian Thortenson, and Lourdes Figueroa. Read the Write Up on the SF Chronicle!








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