Ellen Ripley and My MotherThe Tuk.   

How To Survive The Holidays With Parents who FatShame You. The Tusk.



Dating Tips for Lonely Gay Men – Four Poems -Drunk In A Midnight Choir. 

Assaracus -Sibling Rivalry Press

FoglifterLiterary Journal issue 1

Aim for the Head anthology of Zombie Poetry, -Write Bloody Publishing

Divining Divas pf- Lethe Press 

Flicker and Spark Queer Poetry Anthology -Low Brow Press

Tandem – Bicycle Comics Press

Drunk in a Midnight Choir Anthology Vol. 1 

Sparkle and Blink -Quiet Lightning Press Issue 64 , and Issue 38

Multiverse, anthology of Superhero Poetry,  with Write Bloody Publishing

Forthcoming with the Pulse/Pulso anthology in response to the shooting in Orlando. 



Apex of Friendzone -Santa Ana River Review.








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