Featuring at the International Flor Y Canto Literary Festival

Flor Y CantoI’ve always heard of the Flor Y Canto literary festival. I’ve loved hearing stories of past events here in the bay area, so I’m thrilled and over the moon to finally be able to be a part of one. May 14 I’m going to be one of the featured poets in the International Flor y Canto Literary Festival! The one I’m reading at will be called Mission Malcriados, and will be at Cafe La Boheme! 6:30! This is a huge three day event so please check out the other readings as well, by going to their site:FLOR Y CANTO! but make sure to come to mine, if you’re saying to yourself ” I’ve heard your poetry Baruch, I know it well, why should I go?” I’m going to say this, “I am writing NEW poems just for this festival, so don’t miss out!” Hope to see you all there.


MAY 14

AT CAFE LA BOHEME 3318 24th Street, San Francisco CA 94110



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