Hey guys! So, Friday night, April 10th, I’m very very excited to be performing my piece WHEN I WAS A COLOR KID at the BITCH AND TELL Comedy Festival! This show is put on by FootLoose Theatre Company at The Exit Theatre, and has several amazing performers, which include Erica Sodos, Drea Lusion and the incredible Winy Winazz, learn more about the other performers by going to the event’s FB invite! I’m also hosting! bt

My piece is about a lot of things, but mostly about a young boy’s love for Rainbow Brite, and The Color Kids! If you didn’t love Rainbow Brite in the 80s I’m sorry, but you were not a cool kid. Not at all. But,  you can redeem yourself by joining me to revisit Mexico in the 1980s and the best 5th birthday party of that decade! Here are some fun photos I did for the show, check em out, and buy your tickets here folks TICKETS! If you buy tickets using this link, I get a cut of the profits! Yay! I hope to see everyone there! There are other dates, but this date April 11th, is when I’m doing just the Rainbow Brite piece, I will chat about the other day tomorrow. The show tomorrow is at 8pm, at Exit Theatre 156 Eddy Street in San Francisco near Powell Bart Station The tickets are only like 10 ish dollars, so come check me out! yay! And stuuuuuff!!

20150331_124559 20150331_124527


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