Poster hella cute, Show will be Awesome!

You Guys Gotta Go See This Show!

Who wants to go with me? I’ve known this young poet performer for a while now, and he always brings it, delivers, and kills it not only with great writing, insight, intelligence, and my favorite, he’s hella funny. Also that poster is hella cute. I’m going to go see his show, who wants to come with me?  June 16th through the 18th at Galería de la Raza.

Click at the image to get your tickets people.


Nationally acclaimed poet and spoken-word artist Yosimar Reyes expands his repertoire to include a full-length solo performance. Prieto is an autobiographical one-man show that follows Yosimar’s journey growing up queer and undocumented in the hoods of Eastside San Jose. While his grandmother and grandfather recycle bottles and cans to pay for the rent, the boys on his block constantly tease him for acting like a girl. As a young boy, Yosimar struggles to understand and wrap his head around manhood, until he wraps his mouth around it.


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