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I’m incredibly excited about this show. I’ve always been a big fan of Marga Gomez. Saw her show, Not Getting Any Younger, LOVED IT, and then I saw her other show Love Birds, LOVED it! And now I’m performing alongside at the new SF queer venue everybody is talking about! SF Oasis! Joining us is the very very talented and very funny Dhaya Lakshminarayanan! So if you’re free Monday night, tomorrow actually, come see me at Marga Gomez’s PERFORMERAMA!

Marga Gomez will be doing something from her new piece called “Pound”
Dhaya Lakshminarayanan will be doing an excerpt from “Nerd Nation”
Baruch Porras-Hernandez(that’s me!) will be doing an excerpt from his new show called “When I was a Color Kid”, that is the title of the excerpt, the show itself is currently titled “Agarrate.” but might change cause I’m terrible at making up my mind.

Oasis Marga Gomez Feb 9 handflierMonday February 9, 2015
New theater and cabaret by mad talents
Second Mondays, 90 minutes

Save $$$ buy advance online, ENTER CODE: baby
Click for tix – http://sfoasis.com/event.cfm?cart&id=140854

Show: 8pm
Doors: 7pm
$8 in Advance/ $10 Door
21 and over
298 Eleventh Street (at Folsom) San Francisco


Marga Gomez “Pound” (first public performance)
Not for the faint of crotch, “Pound” penetrates the cinematic lesbian limbo where plumbers, showgirls, murderers and school teachers hook up after the movie fades to black and the Netflix rental is returned. Corky has a winning hand but her luck isn’t so good with the ladies. All she wants is sex in her truck from a sympathetic femme with a backstory. But every woman Corky meets has been created by a dude. What is a fictional dyke to do? Marga Gomez plays Corky and the dykiest denizens ever conjured by Hollywood’s dream factory. Marga is the writer/ performer of ten more solo plays that have been performed nationally and internationally. She is a GLAAD Media Award winner and recipient of the 2014 ABC7’s Profile in Excellence Award and the 2014 Bay Area Theater Critic’s “Gene Price Award” for “superlative professionalism and passion for Bay Area theatre” For more about Marga visit www.margagomez.com

Dhaya Lakshminarayanan “Nerd Nation” (excerpt) Dhaya tells the hilarious story of nerds in modern America and the evolution (not creation, because nerds believe in science) of her nerd identity. She says “We are still a country where Kim Kardashian will always have more name recognition than Neil deGrasse Tyson. Astrophysics still cannot compete with booty” Dhaya is the host of the monthly Moth StorySlam in San Francisco, a favorite on NPR’s storytelling series Snap Judgment and an award winning comedian. For more about Dhaya visit dhayacomedy.com

Baruch Porras-Hernandez “When I Was A Color Kid” In 1985, one boy in Toluca, Mexico decides to wear princess sleeves, a head band, tights and gay it up to throw the gayest party of his life in a world where things that are fabulous get torn apart. Join Buddy Blue, Canary Yellow, Patti Green, all of Baruch’ cousins and of course Rainbow Brite for a story about having the courage to be who you are. Baruch, spoken word artist, actor, host, performer and storyteller holds a Lambda Literary Fellowship in poetry. He has performed all over North America and in the Bay Area at The National Queer Arts Festival and storytelling destinations The Moth, Bawdy Storytelling and The Shout. He is also a popular host and curator for KQED and The San Francisco Queer Open Mic. But you guys knew that already.

hope to see you all there. 


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