Four Of My Poems in Assaracus 17.

20150126_20082720150126_201435Hi guys! Couple days ago I received something super great in mail, Assaracus volume 17, from Sibling Rivalry Press! I’ve been a big fan of Sibling Rivalry, and their journal Assaracus, a quarterly journal of gay poets for a long time. Poets that I’m close to are in past Assaracus issues, Wonder Dave, Sam Sax, James J. Siegle, and now, me! Yay! It even has a lovely cover! They published four of my poems. I’m very grateful to Eduardo C. Corral and the folks at Sibling Rivalry, the book looks great, can’t wait to read all the poems. My friends from the Lambda retreat Victor Vasquez and Ricardo Hernandez are also in the collection. 20150126_201103

My Frida Kahlo poem, Resting Gently On Her Unibrow which for some years now was the everyone loves, crowd pleaser, poem that no one wanted to publish is finally in a real book. One of my favorite poems, that took a lot of hard work and actual research to write is in there, Struts The Horse, Remembers Mr. Hands I’m happy this made it in, for a long time it was a poem that folks told me no one would publish,  I was told it was “too creepy”. I remember reading it at this one poetry show that was going really well, until I read the Struts poem, and the entire audience was shocked into silence. It was weird seeing 60 mouths wide open, eyes wide with horror. A friend when I got off stage said “Great poem, but it scares the crap outta me”  The poem Missing Men is sort of a part two of Keep Water In Jars published by Quiet Lightning, been working on those poems, it feels like, forever, began writing the three while I was a resident artist at The Banff Center in Canada. The third one, currently titled Then The Sunlight Forgives You, is yet to be finished. The last poem of mine in the collection is titled When Everything Lets Go, I’m actually rather giddy it’s in there. It is one of my newest poems that I did not know would find a home so soon. Get your copy here ASSARACUS

When I was a full time actor, I got to perform a play three times, four times a week, and it felt great. Now that I’m working on being a writer/performer full time, the moments of joy are smaller, few and far between, but when they do come, they are oh so lovely. One last thing I’m very grateful, and SURPRISED about, when I sat down to read all the poems, I glanced at the back of the book and look what I found, I did not know that was going to happen. Eeeek! 20150126_202303


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