Pinkie Pie is FINE!

So I talk a lot about my writing and poetry readings on this blog, but I also do performance art once in a while. Here’s something that happened while I was getting ready for a photo shoot for a show we’re doing in April.

The term -beauty is pain-, has never been accepted by my body, it usually rebels.
For example today I tried to put a cockring on for the first time, to wear during a photo shoot under my undies. To make things look shapelier. (performers and strippers do this all the time) I tried a hard plastic one, was told you have to squish your bits in to get it through, and my delicates right away screamed in agony, engorged themselves and would not go through.

I tried a looser rubber one, and got it on okay, but as soon as my balls thought they might be in danger again, they were like, FUCK NO! And abruptly shrunk themselves into my body, therefore shooting the cockring across the room, knocking a MyLittlePony figuring off a bookshelf.

Don’t worry y’all, Piinkie Pie is fine.

I went to the photoshoot sans cockring. Sigh…but anyway, DON’T MISS DR. ZEBROSKI’S SUPER SPECIAL SHOW COMING TO THE BRAVA THEATRE IN APRIL 2015!!!!



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