Lambda Literary Poetry Fellowship, and me.

Hi everyone, guess what? I failed.

When I found out I had been accepted into the Lambda Literary Poetry Fellowship, I was determined to make my end of the payments on my own. The Lambda Foundation was gracious enough to award me a generous scholarship but it is not enough to cover the whole cost. I was convinced I could make my part of the payment, I got extra jobs, I worked at two different theatre companies house managing, a job at modern times bookstore, while working at the night club, and even put up posters during pride and Dorey. All while organizing shows, and performing, and all other things human artists do.

It killed me to even think of asking my community for help, we are all struggling to get by and I wanted to not draw attention away from the fundraising campaigns that mattered.

So I did what I could, cut back, saved, worked hard, and …I failed.

Odd jobs and art gigs here and there in this short period of time was just not enough. I made enough to cover my deposit, and some of the payment, but that is all. I was going to not go to the poetry workshop but my friends and family have lovingly pushed me to ask for help, and I guess it can’t hurt to be honest, and to ask for help, like a grown up. 

If you have 5 bucks to spare, or more. I will be forever grateful. This is an opportunity that I have dreamed about for a while. And with your help, I can make it happen, but I only have till Saturday, this Saturday, so can I raise some funds in two days? I hope I can, who wants to help?

If you donate you will not only get a thank you card, my forever gratitude and love, but also a piece of art by me, that looks like this probably! You all remember my poem Frida Kahlo, thinking of Baruch, thinking of a Doughnut? Well, here is some of the art I’ve been making inspired by that poem.













and I’ve also made some art that represents my poem, The Trees, They Hate The Birds the Most,

Fuck You Birds

and Unicorn on Fire


Donate today, no really, today, cause I only got till Friday or Saturday, and I will send you one of these pieces of art, when I get back from LA.

If you’d like to donate go to this page, it is tax deductible, easy, and I will send you a thank you card with some art.

Help Baruch get to the Lambda Literary Poetry Fellowship!

I know we are all dealing with different kinds of struggles. So I completely understand if you cannot donate.

Till then, keep on loving, writing, working, enjoying life. I hope you are all doing well, I send you all hugs.

Peace and cupcakes


Baruch Porras-Hernandez


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