Promoting the Latino Spoken Word and Poetry Festival of my dreams.

Been hitting the streets to tell people about the show, in the rain!! Rain or shine, this show is going to be awesome!!! This is a picture of me when I finally get some of the posters in my manos! 10169190_10151939774446086_1568549019_n

So off I went, my goal was to just go throughout the Castro and get as many post cards into people’s hands as I could and then make it to Books Inc. the amazing bookstore where the first show will be on the 5th, that is this Saturday, FREE to the public, to drop off some posters for them. I’m very excited, and they were very happy to get them.

The rain was tough, a lot of folks were too cranky to take a post card but I left stacks of them here and there and in some stores. At the end of the night, I rewarded myself with some icecream, because WHY NOT?! haha.

Okay folks, here is the Facebook invite

Go to it and share with your friends, oh oh and OH!

Watch me in this video! YAAAAAY! yay.



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