My First Love Poetry Festival, 2 down, one to go!


When we first got together James Siegel and I, I didn’t know how this show would turn out. I knew I wanted to work with James, join forces with GuyWriters, cause I love that organization and I enjoy working with James, and bring the San Francisco Queer Open Mic and and all that queer love to come together and do a poetry festival. And I feel it has been very successful so far. The first show at Books Inc was amazing, it got packed, the readers were on fire, we had Blythe Baldwin start off the night(I asked Blythe to be at every show, not just cause she’s a stellar performer but to help represent The San Francisco Queer Open Mic, since she is the co-host) then Amy Dentata made us laugh, then Nick Chin performed, then Greg Pond, then James read some of his work, then Kevin Simmonds came and blew us out of the water. Here are some pictures.

These lovely folks came and filled the bookstore and enjoyed some POETRY!


Amy Dentata, brought the wit and funny.


Greg Pond  and Blythe Baldwin.


Organizer and curator, head of GuyWrites the sexy James J. Siegel.


Headliner Poet, Kevin Simmonds author of Mad for Meat and editor of Collective Brightness.


Such a breath of fresh air, Nick Chin.


she is the best, organizer and cohost of The San Francisco Queer Open Mic, Blythe Baldwin.


Then we had a frickin awesome show at the second installment of My First Love at The San Francisco Public Library on April 18th. We had the incredible blessing of enjoying the poetic performance of Blythe Baldwin, Joshua Merchant, James J. Siegle, me, Baruch Porras-Hernandez, Sam Sax, and Wonder Dave.

pics! This is me, co-curator, organizer, Baruch Porras-Hernandez


Blythe Baldwinblythefirststst

the love!!crowd1

a lot of people packed into this little reading room. crowd23

more crowd, wooo.crowd2

Featured poet, Sam Sax.firsloveSam

featured Poet, Wonder DaveDDdave

Josh Merchant! JoshMyFirstLove

And if pictures are not enough, check out these lovely videos of the reading.

And don’t miss the last installment of My First Love at Martuni’s tomorrow Tuesday the 23rd at Martuni’s 4 Valencia at Valencia at Market. at 6:30pm, free with one drink minimum. Sign up list for the Queer Open Mic will fill up fast so get there on time.




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