OH GLORIA!  by Baruch Porras-Hernandez Heryes, Gloria wooo

I did not write these lyrics, I wish I had for  watching my mother let her hair down

and go wild in the air, as we danced to this song    when it came out in the early 90s,

was so fucking fun

Gloria Trevi,    glamorous galaxy           of tragic sad stars     twirling

from the void        sparkling

you were whippin’ your hair back and forth before

Willa Smith was even a twinkle in the Prince of Bell Air’s eye.

Oh Gloria!

Come see me in a show with Quiet Lightning!

How long has it been since you’ve seen the sun set? It’s been ages for me really, want to go watch it together? I’m doing this amazing show with other writers called Quiet Lightning. Quiet Lightning is a monthly reading series and writing contest, if you submit, and you win, you get to be published in their boo, and get to do a literary show with them. I entered and they picked my poems, so, I’m very excited to invite you all to the show. Baruch at Bench

Lets go to outside and listen to some poetry! Monday September 15, at the QUIET LIGHTNING SHOW!  First sunset, then readings, then party!

Here is a list of the readers: Raul Ruiz, ME!, Adam Moskowitz, Breielle Brilliant, Ginger Buswell, ArtieMoffa, Moneta Godlsmith, and William Taylor Jr.

the show is FREE

First 100 people get a copy of sparkle + blink w/art by Daniel Morales!

Sunset’s ~7:15 pm. We’ll meet at Lookout Point parking lot at 6:30 and after the sunset we’ll walk together to the readings, which start ~8 pm.

Bring a warm jacket and a scarf. No refreshments will be provided.

for links to the authors + artist, to read/watch all previous shows/books: http://quietlightning.org/

Note: This month’s reading is not ADA accessible, though arrangements might be possible. Send an email with any questions: evan@quietlightning.org.

Curation: readings by Caroline Kessler and Evan Karp, art by Laura Ceron M

for more info go to the QUIET LIGHTNING FACEBOOK PAGE

hope to see you all there!

Celebrate Latino Heritage with me, and KQED, at The Brava Theatre!


Hi everyone, been working non stop since coming back from LA. Small update, Lambda was AWESOME! I met so many incredible poets, worked on my writing and on my night off, I won The Moth LA. Woo!

But I’m back, and have been working hard to put some exciting shows together. This one is very close to my heart, since I am from Mexico. I’m honored to announce that I’m working with KQED again, this time to put together a show that will celebrate Latino Heritage at Brava Theatre!!

KQED is proud to showcase Local Heroes and home grown, Bay Area talent.

LydaSpoken word artists: Sandra Garcia Rivera and Gabriel Cortez!

Comedian: Lydia Popovich!

Music by: La Misa Negra!

KQED Local Heroes: Paul S.Flores and Diana Albarran Chicas, who exemplify the sense of pride and place among Bay Area Latinos.

This event is co-sponsored by Brava Theater and is curated in partnership with Galería De La Raza and ME!! YAy, if you had fun at the show I did with KQED and StoryCorps at The Chapel you are going to love this event, and, AND, there might be free tamales, FREE TAMALES PEOPLE!!!!
Doors Open at 6:00pm
Event starts at 6:30pm

Funding for KQED Arts is provided by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.


host/organizer/curator of Lunada Literary Lounge

I’m very honored that on that stage I’m going to be joined by a very special lady. She is an educator, a writer, singer, performer, organizer, and of course a poet, and runs the Lunada Literary Lounge, a show that changed my life, really. Her name is Sandra García Rivera, she will join me on stage and do a poem, then help me award one of the Local Heroes of the night. With both of us on stage, the Brava Theatre might get too hot and faint from how sexy we both are.


I cannot wait for his poetry to fill the theatre at Brava! GABRIEL CORTEZ

SEPTEMBER 24TH, Wednesday 6:30, FREE, at Brava Theatre 2781 24th Street, San Francisco CA 94110

Guys, this event will be packed, our last show was super packed, we almost had to turn some people away, so it is very important that you rsvp to this event,by Clicking here


can’t wait to see you all there. Much love


THANK YOU, thank you, the love is punching me in the face, and I LOVE IT!

Dear everyone, THANK YOU, no really, thank you.

I was able to reach my goal this morning. There was so much love that the page had to be taken down. I’m truly overwhelmed to be honest, by folks capacity to support and give positive energy, even the folks that could not donate messaged me to send me their good fortunes and I got all emotional. It just means I have a lot of art to make and a lot of poetry to work when I get to LA. I’m so grateful to all of you. THANK YOU once again from the bottom of my heart.

this one

If you still feel like you want to donate to a worthy cause, please give a dollar or two to this one, Sonya Rene Taylor is one of the reasons I do what I do. Her work, Denise Jolly’s work and the rest of the folks at TheBodyIsNotAnApology actually do things to create change and heal the world. They are embarking on an innovative new project that will help a lot of people, they’ve helped me, help me help them.

Donate to WHEN WE SAY YES.

See you all later. LA Updates coming soon. much love, Baruch

Lambda Literary Poetry Fellowship, and me.

Hi everyone, guess what? I failed.

When I found out I had been accepted into the Lambda Literary Poetry Fellowship, I was determined to make my end of the payments on my own. The Lambda Foundation was gracious enough to award me a generous scholarship but it is not enough to cover the whole cost. I was convinced I could make my part of the payment, I got extra jobs, I worked at two different theatre companies house managing, a job at modern times bookstore, while working at the night club, and even put up posters during pride and Dorey. All while organizing shows, and performing, and all other things human artists do.

It killed me to even think of asking my community for help, we are all struggling to get by and I wanted to not draw attention away from the fundraising campaigns that mattered.

So I did what I could, cut back, saved, worked hard, and …I failed.

Odd jobs and art gigs here and there in this short period of time was just not enough. I made enough to cover my deposit, and some of the payment, but that is all. I was going to not go to the poetry workshop but my friends and family have lovingly pushed me to ask for help, and I guess it can’t hurt to be honest, and to ask for help, like a grown up. 

If you have 5 bucks to spare, or more. I will be forever grateful. This is an opportunity that I have dreamed about for a while. And with your help, I can make it happen, but I only have till Saturday, this Saturday, so can I raise some funds in two days? I hope I can, who wants to help?

If you donate you will not only get a thank you card, my forever gratitude and love, but also a piece of art by me, that looks like this probably! You all remember my poem Frida Kahlo, thinking of Baruch, thinking of a Doughnut? Well, here is some of the art I’ve been making inspired by that poem.













and I’ve also made some art that represents my poem, The Trees, They Hate The Birds the Most,

Fuck You Birds

and Unicorn on Fire


Donate today, no really, today, cause I only got till Friday or Saturday, and I will send you one of these pieces of art, when I get back from LA.

If you’d like to donate go to this page, it is tax deductible, easy, and I will send you a thank you card with some art.

Help Baruch get to the Lambda Literary Poetry Fellowship!

I know we are all dealing with different kinds of struggles. So I completely understand if you cannot donate.

Till then, keep on loving, writing, working, enjoying life. I hope you are all doing well, I send you all hugs.

Peace and cupcakes


Baruch Porras-Hernandez